You Are So …


How do you finish this sentence: “You are so …”

I mean that. Pause for a moment and sit with the question.

What word or words come to mind? Is there one that resonates with more weight?

Whose voice do you hear saying it? Is it your own, or is it a voice that echos from your past and into this moment?

What weight does it carry as you step into your everyday?

If you are like me, then the road to reconstruction, the path towards living by love, begins when you hear the divine voice finish that sentence with the simple word, “Beloved.”

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How to Make 2022 More Than 2020, Too

2022 or 2020, too

Which of the R words will you embrace in 2022?

Maybe you kicked it off with a New Year’s Resolution? Perhaps you are thinking more of a personal reformation? Others of you might feel ready for a revolution. But if you are a spiritual misfit who wants to find a healthy abundance, I suggest you consider the possibility of reconstruction. Otherwise, 2022 will just be 2020, too.

Here is why.

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